Saturday, July 9, 2011

MathruBhumi - News about Me

Glad that one of Kerala's Leading newspapers, The Mathrubhumi, reported about my interest in paintings with an article in the Saturday Newspaper.

This is the link.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sri Ramesh Chennithala @ Karazhma

I was extremely motivated by the kind words of Sri Ramesh Chennithala, KPCC president, who visited my home to see my paintings. He was happy to view my album of paintings.

Monday, November 30, 2009

My Own Website

Hi All,

I have my own website to display my Color Thoughts.... Now you can reach me through

Please do send me your feedbacks to


Friday, February 6, 2009

An Author PAR thoughts

Hi Friends,
Well creating a Portrait is half the work done. Expressions through Words gives it "Direction". Direction is the way you wish your viewers to think about your work. Its the Lamp to light up the path for the aesthetics--the path that you tread while creating the Painting. For My painting of Liberation (Soon to be Exhibited), I complimented it with my ideas through my Book

"അറിവില്‍ നിന്ന് മോചനം "(Liberation from Knowledge)

The Book was published at Kollam Arts & Sports Club in presence of many a dignitaries. But about that later...

My New Found Passion

Hi Friends,
MUSIC is divine since it touches your soul. Music in any form, Classical including Hindustani & Karnatic, Western including all forms of Jazz, Pop, Rock to Heavy Metal relaxes every cell of the body. Well singing a song may not be everyone's cup of tea but then what are musical instruments for??
Instruments reflect your moods, your feelings, the subtle vibrations of your mind. You express yourselves through instruments. You become one with it and so its your own music your singing that flows through the instrument.
My passion for a Mridangam got wings when my Son(s) presented me with a Mridangam on my 59th Birthday. My Listening and God given ability to learn new things formed my GURU for my passion.

My curiosity breezed me through the Ragas, Taalams and Kaalams of Music. It tickled my Brain cells about the evolution of Music. How people coined the Swaras.....the primitive swaras of सा,रे,गा,माँ,प्,ध,नि,सा and how it delved into different Pitches.....interesting to note the निश्चला/Non-changing Raagas(we all strive for a mind to be one).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Painting of the Portrait...

Hi All,

One of my ventures into painting Portraits...real life like anatomical ones...was the portrait of Shri Kakkanadan. This is a painting based on Oil-Medium and was an inspiration from my meeting with my favourite author.

Hearing about the visit of my favourite author to my abode started my braincells thinking of a suitable gift that i could present him with. What could be more ecstatic to him than his own portrait, which no one had done yet. I was real quick to act on this idea and painted the portrait within no time. The smile on Kakkandan's face and first words from him about the Portrait made me realise that my effort for days and after burning the midnight oil had paid off finally. It made me realise that " A SMILE is worth a MILLION dollars".

Reports in Newspaper

Hi All,

Me and my Family were privileged to have the famous evergreen author Kakkanadan at our Home. Kakkanadan visited our house alongwith his Son-in-Law, Giri to view my paintings. Much to our luck, Kakkandan agreed to take out time from his busy profile and talk to us.

Kakkanadan was happy to receive his portrait and retorted that it was a brilliant replica of himself. Also with the other paintings well in his sight, I was happy to present before him my views which i expressed through my paintings.